Seattle, Part Two isn’t bad. It is a stay as opposed to a stop, and I have an Air BnB in West Seattle with a great view of the bay for a couple of days.

Coming from the west, we take the Bainbridge Ferry. Traffic is backed up, and there is about an hour wait. I take the time to stretch my legs, while my friend stays in the car.

Soon enough, the 100 or so cars stacked in a parking lot with us board the ferry.

Once we park our vehicle, we get out and make our way to the acting bow of the ferry – I say acting, because the ferry doesn’t even turn around, it just reverses direction. Our boat is the Wenatchee, a Jumbo Mark II class ferry.

Version 3
From the WSDoT Website.

Now, I’ve heard of whales and dolphins and all manner of wildlife coming up to and abreast of a ferry – it’s something I’m anticipating but not expecting, as it were.

It’s a good thing, because we see seagulls and other sea birds, but no large marine life. The view of Seattle, however, is amazing, and allows for some great panorama views on my iPhone 7 Plus.


The ferry deposits us in the heart of Seattle, and we hop on the freeway south to West Seattle.

We check into the Air Bnb just in time, and head back out to explore.

The sunset at Alki Beach – if you look hard enough, you can see a ferry – perhaps the same one we took from Bainbridge, the Wenatchee.

We visit Alki Beach for the sunset, then decide to drop by Pike’s Place Market in the morning. We have a long list of places to visit, and we decide that will be the first.


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