New Me, New You, #newnew

by Fletch

There’s this trend I have seen every year since, well, BIRTH. lol

Every year, centered around January First.

New Year, New Me; or New Year, New Year’s Resolution. New Me. New You.

That #newnew

We all have that friend that, every single year, makes a resolution so ambitious, so revolutionary, they can’t help but break it by day two.

This year, it’ll probably be your #basic friend that swears off Starbucks so he/she can afford that one thing they’ve been wanting to do, like go to Paris or Venice or even on vacation without a sugar “parent”.

Is that a joke? I think that’s a joke…could be serious tho. Idk, broh. See Instagram.

I’m only writing it because it’s relevant.

There is no better time to make a change than yesterday. The second best time is today, here and now.

There’s no waiting until the New Year, if you want it to be done. Do it now.

Right meow.

Time exists as an abstract measurement of finite intervals. There’s a beginning and end and an in-between. January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 is one year; just as long as July 1st of any year to June 30th of the next.

Or something, whatever, omg Becky.

It is the New Year, however, and tradition dictates that it is a good time to make any change you’ve been wanting or needing or whatever position in-between the two that change may be. That change could be physical, mental, emotional; it could be working out more, or being happier with the body and genetics that you have. It could be working harder to get that promotion, or spending money less frivolously in the coming years.

What will your life look like, sans Starbucks, Becky? Oh, the world could be cold and joyless…

The best thing about change is that it starts with you. You have the power to change your circumstances, your mindset, your life; you can shape the conditions around you and within you to become a happier person, to live a fuller life, to the make the changes to your life that you need or want.

Becky bought so much Starbucks this year, she single-handedly supported the US economy.

In a world filled with media and advertising focused on telling us that everything we want, we don’t yet have, and there isn’t an answer for that except to work harder, work more, pay higher prices, buy more.

I think the answer isn’t buying more, having more. I think you already have the answer to what you need.

The answer is you. 🙂

Happy New Year,



Agree, Disagree, Also thing Becky has a Starbucks addiction? Comments are welcome below. 

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