fullsizeoutput_7a7The two and a half miles to the other end of the beach is worth it. The rock formations, once distant, are remarkable up close – smoothed and eroded by the crashing waves, at times carved and savaged by the same elements.

At night, they had jutted out of the water like the broken fingers of some long forgotten god, some remnant of times long past.

Now they stand, interconnected and quite interesting.

Version 2

Tide pools abound – much the same as the other side of the beach, however, and as the sun treads slowly across the sky, the novelty of this amazing ecosystem gives way to hunger, and we make the trek back to our campsite.

We’ll stay for another day, lounging on the beach, hiking in the wilderness, drinking beer and reveling with the weekend crowd, then hike out – a short two miles back to civilization, and slightly longer drive back to Seattle.

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