I had a dream last night, a waking dream – vivid and stress-inducing and more than complicated, I woke at 5 AM from it and could not find peaceful sleep again, not again tonight, or this morning shall I say.

Few of my dreams I can remember, but this I can, not in part but in whole, a full series of events and ideas and ideals. From whence it came out of my subconscious I cannot say, but it did, drawing silently upward from mindless, thoughtless wanderings to be present in my mind and as completely formed as any literal beast of the wild, rising from the depths suddenly like some primordial, primal thing, long forgotten but always there, clawing its way to the forefront of my dreamer’s mind, screaming and shouting, roaring – not in anger but to announce its presence and that it has come, it has re-emerged, from the darkness, and though forgotten time and time again and shoved to the side, here it is, intact and unabashed and…here.

Here I am, says the dream. Here I am.



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