by Fletcher McDonald

Weekday hiking can be rough if you work a nine to five, but if you are lucky enough to live near or in Boulder then that’s not a real issue. In 2014, Boulder voters passed a 0.3% sales tax that generates approximately 27 million dollars of revenue a year, and Chataqua is one of the beneficiaries of that slight and temporary increase.

Near the trailhead at Chataqua Park

Chataqua Park is a beautiful park and open space and is home to some good hikes; one of my favorites is the Royal Arch trail. Little under 3.5 miles, it has some challenging elevation gain and a great view at the end, but can also be completed in only a couple of hours. It isn’t long enough that you need a camelback, just come hydrated and with a bottle of water, and maybe a snack 😉

The trailhead is off of Baseline Road, pretty much a straight shot from Highway 36. There’s a small parking lot and street parking nearby.

Autumn has some amazing views, with a fair variety of flora lining the trail, and a few chipmunks at the top. Other than the chipmunks, however, I haven’t seen any other wildlife.


The trail features some great foliage, much of which will show you great colors during the fall.

The Royal Arch. Random strangers will accidentally or intentionally photobomb you – beware.

Host to amazing views year round, Royal Arch is well worth the effort.

Happy Travels,

The eastern face of the Front Range.


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