Nature vs. Nurture Ad Infinitum

by Fletcher McDonald


It’s the title, really – it’s a conversation I’ve had a hundred times. Nature vs. Nurture? No, nurture over nature. By nature, none of us is really created equal; by nurture, each and every day and continuing throughout a lifetime, by nurture these natural advantages are either increased or decreased.

Nurture starts at conception in a vital way, and just that; the vitals, provided by mother in utero. By nature, first is conception; and then nurture sees it through.

As a child, love and affection and a gentle, guiding hand will change the blank slate that is a child as surely as a hard hand and heavy words. Here, early in life, a foundation is laid. Here, more than anywhere, you can see nurture outweigh nature most heavily, leaving a lasting imprint.

However, everything in my life comes back to consistent progress over time, and starting to build a foundation doesn’t matter as much if it doesn’t continue or see completion. The best start won’t matter if there is no push to completion.

Nature, the natural and probable outcome of a life without direction or purpose.

Nurture, the purposeful development of desired qualities.

Nurture, the taming of base instincts and proclivities and the redirection of such into positive and productive pursuits.

We need both, some and either more than most.

Everyone has good qualities, and at least a few good habits. The things that really set us apart are those – habits, things we do, day to day. The best part about it is that even your bad habits can change; it takes recognition, consistent effort, and commitment but it is possible. 

Momentum is a huge thing, in all aspects of life. 

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