You go to work, after having kids and you wonder if you’ll miss them.

…of course you do.

And you wonder if they’ll miss you.

…of course they do?


People have told me that my babies don’t remember me.

That my newborn daughters don’t and won’t remember me, especially being as young, only months old, as they are.

That smiling is a reflex, from when they see you smile.

But my daughters smile when they see me.

I don’t know what else to say.

They smile when they see me. It’s as simple as that.

I think they recognize me. I hope they recognize me. I’ve been trying to figure this thing out.


My parents watched me grow up. They watched my first breaths, my first steps, heard my first words. Precious moments to a parent, and I know this now, having my own children.

All of my firsts, and I don’t remember a single one – but my parents do. And I’m sure it’ll be the same way with my kids. However, I do remember my teenage years; I remember not wanting to be around my parents.

Man, when i was a teenager, I thought my parents were lame.

I gave them hell, looking back at it. Not intentionally, not really.

Maybe intentionally.

It wasn’t always like that, though.

As a child, my parents were my world. They were there from the start. The start of my life, the start of nearly every day, the end of every day; tucking me in, listening to my day, reading me stories, wishing me the best dreams. Teaching me how to be a good person. Pointing me in the right direction. 

It’s all I want to do for my daughters.

That, and to buy them both ponies.

I know that one day they’ll say, “dad,” and it will be for the first time; I know that one day, they could say Dad, and it could be that annoyed, drawn-out and exasperated Daaaaad we’ve all heard one of our siblings, ourselves, or one of our friends say to their own parents.

There’s not much I can do except to be there, each and every day, one day at a time.

It’s a marathon, to be a parent, for sure, and a continued series of small and diligent gestures that add up over time to having done a good job; not just in parenting, but in life.


Do you or anyone you know have suggestions for buying a pony? Perhaps you’ve raised one yourself? Or maybe, you’re in the market for a house where you can keep your pony, which has outgrown the studio apartment you perhaps live in?

Fletcher McDonald is a Realtor with Equity Colorado. Realtors are held to a higher standard than Real Estate Licensees, and Fletcher would love to help you find a new home for you and your pony, or your family in their route towards pre-pony ownership of a home. Contact him at





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Williams, Clive. “Everything You Need to Know About Ponies and Their Care.” PetHelpful, PetHelpful, 24 Jan. 2018,

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