Our feet have taken a path less traveled

And wander where few dare tread

Mountain to beach

Top of the world to Land’s End



Every hike is unique; like every travel day or road trip is unique, bringing something new to the traveler; like every life is unique, bringing someone unique into the lives around it.

At the top of Guadalupe Peak, in the Guadalupe Mountains of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas, a weathered ammo box holds a travel log of sorts, a guest book for all that have summited, along with a treasure trove of supplies for the unprepared. A number of pages filled the book, each page filled with the names of those who had summited the same peak before us, every one of them on the same and similar journey but at once dissimilar and unique to each, to their own. 

We all travel alone and together, and our footsteps leave tracks that others whom we will never meet may follow. Nothing is done without consequence, and consequently nothing should be done without care.

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