Seven Falls at the Broodmoor is an iconic hike in Colorado, if not for the association with Colorado’s perennial five-star hotel (one of two), then for the rich history behind the canyon and the series of waterfalls at the end of it. Accessible year-round, there is a specific and special time to visit Seven Falls – an event late in November thrown by the Broodmoor Hotel simply called Lights at Seven Falls.

Enjoy a Hot Toddy and some Wild Boar Green Chili at 1858, a restaurant and bar at the base of Seven Falls.

With Christmas just around the corner, lights adore the foliage leading up to the hike and 1858, the restaurant and bar at the base of the falls. Similar to a walk in the park, Lights at Seven Falls has a similar, easy-going vibe. If you get there during peak hours, though, you might have to fight for elbow room. 😉

As temperatures drop, the crowd thins out.

Later in the day, not so much. The short hike from the gate to the base of the falls or the lookout will take you an easy twenty minutes and is well worth the view.

A nearby lookout provides a spectacular view.

There’s a lot to love about Colorado, and a few hidden gems. While this hike is marketed, the abundance of activities in Denver and at the many mountain resorts may make this seem pale in comparison – but make no mistake, it is well worth it.

Fletch & Laura

The Lights at Seven Falls makes for a great date night.


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