Blown glass is a relatively new phenom, at least as far as I’m concerned. Paint and canvas have been around for quite some time, sculpture as well – the written word, probably nearly as long.

In the heart of Seattle, its location given for miles away by the Space Needle (A remnant of the 1962 world fair, 55 years ago), lies the Chihuly Garden & Glass exhibit. Time-honored since mid-2012, it features art pieces created throughout Dave Chihuly’s half-a-century career.

As a fan of modern art and as a human being, I appreciate his work, but am in no way qualified to present his work, hastily photographed on an iPhone, with adequate pomp or presentation – so here is a gallery of the aforementioned photos.

I would recommend a visit if you find yourself in Seattle with a couple hours to spare.

As you can see, there’s a variety of blown glass sculptures and pieces, well-worth the $24 adult price of admission. However, there are a variety of packages, one of which can get you into the Space Needle as well. I’ve attached links below.

I’m going to end this post with the following picture, far more fit for a pirate than a modern artist perhaps, or perhaps very fitting for such an unconventional artist.

A recent picture of the Featured Artist, Dave Chihuly.


Reference and Links:

The official website of Dave Chihuly:

The Chihuly Garden & Glass Exhibit Website:

Buy Tickets to Chihuly Garden & Glass here:


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