Version 2

The morning comes and I’m well rested. The tent I packed in is small but quality – lightweight, but it kept out the cold and the moisture.

Breakfast isn’t anything special – oatmeal and granola, some bacon. Everything was kept in a bear box and it takes me a long moment to remember where I put it, and starting the fire – we burnt all the firewood that I had carried in the previous night, so I take my hatchet and chop away at driftwood until there’s enough to cook our food on.

The meal is simple and good.

Boots on, shirt on – we head to the north end of the beach, where tide pools have been revealed, and have stayed so overnight. I didn’t consider the tides or how they affected the coastal environment. I’m. very pleasantly surprised to find them still revealed.

A better look at the marine and semi-amphibious life, here and now. Starfish abound, sheltering, as seem to be nearly all nearby life, in crack and crevice, trying to preserve what moisture they can while weathering out the low tide near barnacle covered rock.

Crabs abound, hermit and otherwise, and small fish.

Nearby is a rocky promitory and we climb it, revealing a small bay on the other side, contents and tide pools similarly exposed by the tide, but the view calls to mind another potential adventure.

The sun is high in the sky, and I decide to work on my tan as I plan my next move.

Suns out, guns out on Shi Shi Beach.

On the other side of the beach, two miles away, lies a small archipelago, arches and rock formations that at high tide look like island but are traversable by foot right now. For how long, we don’t know, and so we go.

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