I spent the night in Cour D’elane, then hit the road. It seems movement and travel is my perpetual state, as of late.

I drove west on I90 – the lack of rainfall has really affected the area. Large swathes of land are brown and dead, a fire hazard – and indeed, we did see a few burned out areas.

The brown, dead landscape contrasts sharply with the ever present rivers and lakes along I90, and the occasional farm or forest of pine trees.

The land was dry enough and the brush on the ground light enough that I remarked I was surprised that there hadn’t been a fire, and then we saw the remains of one – the dry ground charred and what remained of the shrubs and grass blackened and burnt.

The land is flat, out here in the middle of Washington, and wind farms abound. In the foreground we saw the burnt prairie and in the background vast numbers of modern windmills.

There are lakes on the way, but I can’t wait to see the ocean.

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