I slept well and drove to Missoula in the morning – almost ran out of gas along the way, as well.

I’m not used to having no service on my cell phone. It’s strange and coming from Denver, Colorado where I have service even if I travel hours into the so-called wilderness, where I have service miles from any city or town and even on top of a 14er (a 14,000 ft. mountain peak), it is both refreshing and disconcerting to be out of touch.

I missed the last exit for nearly sixty miles that contained a working gas pump – Drummond – and made it, running on fumes, to the first exit near Missoula that had one. I put 16.4 gallons in my 17 gallon gas tank – close, closer than I’d like – and I made it to my Air Bnb.

My first Air Bnb – busted that cherry. 😉


Located in the historic Penwell building, built in 1910 and since renovated, my private apartment was cool, quiet, close to the river and located in the “Hip Strip” of Missoula.

Not bad for a last minute reservation from the mountain wilderness.

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