I hiked Table Mountain today, rising late and making it to the trailhead at 10 AM

I knew little about the hike before attempting it, other than it was next to the campsite I had secured in Teton Canyon, after four miles of unpaved but maintained road, and that it was possible to summit without hiking gear.

I learned it was a 7 mile hike one way, there were reports of bears (allegedly – a group of hikers reported hearing “growling”) and halfway there…I realized that I didn’t bring enough water.

So I drank from an aquifer.

Is this how frontiermen used to live?

On the edge of civilization living from the land, surviving due to sheer luck and dogged persistence?

The water was clear and refreshing, and quenched my thirst.

Undaunted, I forged on, summited one of the least impressive mountains in this range, and was treated to a sight that I hope I never forget.

A panoramic view from the Southeastern edge of Table Mountain – front and center is the Grand Teton. Much of the range’s taller mountains are only able to be summited with climbing equipment – I only had a good pair of boots.
A good view toward Cascade Canyon, again from Table Mountain.

There are good days, and there are great days. Today was a great day.


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